This is a episode listening for the anime series Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman. The series currently consists of 8 episodes.

# Title Air Date
1 A Lavish Banquet of Raining Coins!" (第壱話 ババンと小判が、大盤振舞!) January 8, 2013

"A Lavish Banquet for That Hateful Jerk!" (第弐話 ニクいアイツが、大盤振舞!)

January 15, 2013
3 "A Lavish Banquet for Guys in Trouble!(第参話 困った奴らが、大盤振舞!) January 22, 2013
4 "A Lavish Banquet in Skintight Swimsuits!" (第肆話 ぱつぱつ水着で、大盤振舞!) January 29, 2013
5 "Shred and Throw for Lavish Banquet!" (第伍話 千切って投げて、大盤振舞!) February 5, 2013
6 "Alleys, Cellars, and a Lavish Banquet!" (第陸話 路地裏、穴蔵、大盤振舞!) February 12, 2013
7 "There's a Lot to Life, and a Lavish Banquet!" (第柒話 人生色々、大盤振舞!) February 19, 2013
8 "What a Terrible Face, and a Lavish Banquet!" (第捌話 ひでぇ面して、大盤振舞!) February 26, 2013
9 "Bang Bang Ba-Bang! Its a Lavish Banquet!" (第玖話 ばんばんばばんと、大盤振舞!) March 5th, 2013
10 "Show Your True Intentions with a Lavish Banquet!" () March 12th, 2013

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